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Non-Profits That Help Gifted Students Get A Better Education

There are many challenges faced by educational systems all over the world: flagging interest in science, illiteracy, community problems that make studying impossible. Luckily, there are organizations that try to change the dynamic. Whether by building tuition-free schools, establishing good learning habits or by empowering students, these organizations fight to give every student equal opportunities to get into college and graduate.

Each of the non-profits mentioned below is committed to their goals by consistently analyzing and improving their performance to ensure a better future for all students.

1. Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools is a non-profit based in the US that provides support and after school classes for students to help them prepare for college and beyond. They also have plenty of learning activities and workshops. Citizen Schools brings in volunteers with different backgrounds and skills to teach students a variety of subjects, from science to art.

Students can participate in apprenticeships to build necessary skills for their future careers. According to their website, Citizen Schools creates a culture of achievement that helps students develop leadership, engagement, love of learning and other skills. They say that students who attended these classes have a 20% higher graduation rate. Their students also show dedication that helps them finish college even under challenging circumstances.

2. TeenSHARP

TeenSHARP is a non-profit dedicated to instilling a sense of educational empowerment and revitalization in low-income communities. Their goal is to enable underrepresented students to create the change they deserve by helping them unveil their potential to succeed in college and beyond by passing this knowledge on to other students.

According to their website, they implement a trickle-down strategy: select the most talented students in low-income communities, give them resources and knowledge to spread the message across the community and they will build better future for themselves. They claim that this strategy has proved to be effective and helped them make a real difference.

But TeenSHARP wants to do more than ensure personal growth in low-income students – they want to instill a sense of community. They want these students to return to their communities and start changing things for the better.

3. College Possible

College Possible is a non-profit providing college graduation possibilities to low-income, talented students who deserve it. They serve students in tough situations who have potential, but lack the resources to access and graduate college.

College Possible ensures near-peer coaching by college graduates and provides students with information and skills they cannot get from parents or community networks. They work with students from the very beginning and up until they successfully graduate from college. They focus on the financial and academic needs of every student, as well as help them through the transition to college.

According to their website, their strategies have improved student performance, and closed the gaps between low-income students and their peers.

4. Gates Foundation

Gates Foundation helps create the community conditions that make it possible for the most vulnerable families to raise confident children who will succeed in college and life. They also help create stable housing, build safe futures and improve health conditions for families in harsh situations.

Their strategy is to partner with private, public and non-profit organizations to create paths to opportunity for every student and parent in low-income communities. While most of their grants focus on providing education and ending homelessness, they also strive to build strong, inclusive communities that can help children reach their potential.