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Non-Profits That Educate and Help Students In Need

Not every parent has the luxury of choosing which gadget to buy to their children – and even getting books for studying is hard sometimes. Many families around the world have very low incomes, do not know when the next meal is coming or have been displaced by a disaster. And this is when these non-profits come in.

Supporting students in need ensures that they can focus on learning and build better future for themselves, their families and communities. Below are just a few organizations that provide help to these students.

1. K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers

K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers is non-profit organization that partners with corporations in the US through donations of new products. They distribute clothing, shoes, toys, books, home furnishings and other useful items that are important to meeting the everyday needs of poor families and children.

According to their official website, they have already delivered over $6 million in clothing and school supplies. They also have specialists who help provide relief from the aftermath of disasters.

2. Knowledge Is Power Program

KIPP is an organization that owns tuition-free schools open to all students in many countries. They operate 200 schools educating students in elementary, middle, and high-school.

According to their official website, every school is licensed to operate by a school authorizer, which can be a university, school board or department of education. This authorization is needed to make sure the school is operating up to standards, and is in compliance with all federal and local laws and requirements. These schools are funded with federal dollars and charitable donations.

3. Everybody Wins!

Everybody Wins! improves literacy and the love of learning among children in developing countries by sharing reading experiences with specialists and developing programs for low-income students. Everybody Wins! was created in 1995, and since then it has developed over 40 programs for children of all ages, improving the lives of almost 10,000 children in low-income communities.

According to their website, their mission is to find a mentor for every student in need who will instill the love of learning and help develop skills needed to get into college. Their theory is to let students do everything on their own, while mentors just show the way and share experiences. It gives students a positive role model, inspires them to get an education and changes their life for the better.

4. Pencils of Promise

According to the official website, Pencils of Promise provides equal educational opportunities for all students. They build schools and develop programs and communities around the world to achieve this goal.

The main countries they operate in are Laos, Guatemala and Ghana, where they deliver school supplies needed to attend their schools. They want to empower students in developing countries through quality education. As they say, one year of schooling increases the life capacity of an individual by 10%.

5. Youth LIFT

According to Youth LIFT, homeless students experience such obstacles to proper education that if they don’t get help in time, they often drop out and continue a life of homelessness and poverty. Homeless students are more likely to get poor grades, and not even try to go to college. They also have difficulties attending school due to transportation issues and other problems.

Since these students need more than just mentors and free classes, Youth LIFT helps them understand the importance of higher education, provide support and give advice. Every student has an adult who shows up regularly, builds their confidence and believes in their success. Once they start progressing, they start believing in themselves. Youth LIFT shows low-income and homeless students that they can do things that they never thought they could.