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Nonprofit Organizations That Help Gifted Students Get To College

Programs for gifted and talented students are developed to help those with advanced skills achieve the most out of their potential. Many nonprofit organizations agree that children with specific talents have different learning styles which require unique planning by teachers to develop and nurture those students. Here, we will discuss several nonprofit organizations that help gifted students shine.

1. Strive for College

Strive For College is a free service that helps talented students find a teacher who gives them lessons via Skype or other app. Teachers also explain to students how application processes works and give advice about chosen colleges. According to the official website, 90% of students who use the service get to the desired institution.

2. ScholarMatch

ScholarMatch was founded after the successful crowdfunding campaign. The main idea is to provide talented, low-income students with the opportunity to go to college. There are over 300 institutes on their website where one can apply and get financial help from others. Nowadays, ScholarMatch also provides online support for low-income families.

3. iMentor

iMentor is the US-based company that follows the same idea as Strive for College. This organization helps shining students to find teachers who can help enter the college, graduate from high school, go through the application process and so on.

The site offers both in person and online lessons, which should help develop strong relationships between the teacher and the student. At the moment, iMentor also helps develop useful skills in students, such as curiosity and critical thinking. Even though they are in New York, they have helped students all over the world achieve their dreams.

4. College Possible

College Possible has both in-person and online programs that help talented students and high school juniors enter colleges all over the world. The student is matched with a teacher who helps transfer from high school to college. Students get financial help, as well as help with SAT and ACT preparation.

According to the official website, over 90% of students who use the site are admitted to the desired college. They are also four times more likely to graduate than students who don’t have a mentor.

5. QuestBridge

Founders of QuestBridge say they wanted to change the way colleges recruit new students (especially from low-income families). This organization develops programs and networks that help students successfully enter college and provides financial aid for those in need.

They also help high-school juniors with the application process and have scholarships for talented students. Nowadays, QuestBridge also has a unique program Quest for Excellence Awards that awards shining students who achieve significant results during the study.

According to the creators of QuestBridge, low incomes should not be an obstacle on a way of talented students, and everyone should get equal opportunity to enter college. They partner with over 30 colleges to help students in need.

6. The College Advising Corps

The College Advising Corps partners with over 600 high schools across the US in order to help low-income students get to college. The main idea is that they place college graduate in underserved school, thus helping low-income students enter the institute.

7. College Greenlight

College Greenlight is a free website where every student can get help and advice on how to successfully enter college. The company also grants scholarships for talented students. All you need to do is to answer a short survey about your strengths and background, and then College Greenlight will send you information about all schools and colleges that match your skills and knowledge. They will also send you an email with grants you can apply for.